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A Collection Of GIFs That Shows Us What Time Looks Like. It’s Mesmerizing.

Since the dawn of the internet, the GIF was associated with funny, often childish humor. Now photographer Fong Qi Wei is reclaiming the GIF for art.

Wei is an accomplished urban photographer, but decided to do something different with his latest photo series. In the series Time Is A Dimension, Wei spliced together photos taken at different times but at the same location to create a unique time lapse photograph.

For his new series, Time In Motion, Wei took his photos from Time Is A Dimension and animated the different layers of the picture to create a spectacular representation of the passage of time. Words alone cannot do these creations justice. You have to see these for yourself.

1.) Chinatown Sunset, 2013.

2.) Changi Beach Sunrise, 2013.

3.) Tanah Lot Sunset, 2013.

4.) Flypast Sunset, 2014.

5.) HDB Rainbow Sunset, 2014.

6.) Sunset over Parisian Alley, 2014.

7.) Shanghai Oriental Pearl Sunrise, 2014.

8.) Sunset at Upper Seletar Reservoir, 2014.

9.) Shanghai Freeway Sunrise, 2014.

10.) NDP Rehearsal, 2014.

11.) Sunset at the Bund, 2014.

12.) Glassy Sunset, 2013.

13.) Orange Crossandra Sunset, 2013.

(Via: Wired)

I’m speechless. These are so beautiful. Wei’s interpretation of time passing is jaw dropping. Check out more from Wei by visiting his website here. 

Also the gifs here are the small versions. Wei also has higher 4K resolution versions of them. If anyone is interested in those you can contact him at:

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