Bosses nervous about artificial intelligence

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Accenture’s findings dovetailed with growing worries in the white collar workforce over the threat posed to their jobs by the rise in automation. The effect could be similar to what globalization did to blue-collar positions in the manufacturing sector, which lost more than 3 million jobs between 2001 and 2013, according to data from the Economic Policy Institute. In fact, both Best Buy and Orchard Supply Hardware, a chain owned by Lowe’s, have customer service robots roaming their retail floors in select stores.

The study — conducted in August and September of this year across 17 different industries — surveyed more than 1,700 managers and found that while many managers believe intelligent machines will make them more effective, some are concerned these machines may threaten their jobs in the future.

These managers feel as though they are currently spending most of their time on tasks that intelligent machines can automate in the future, according to Accenture’s findings.

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