Here Are 17 Times That Vandalism Was Absolutely Genius. They Shouldn’t Even Get In Trouble For These, LOL.

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Caution signs, road signs, for-sale signs, every day we see hundreds of signs, all conveying something to us through their concise imagery and wording. But in spite of the important role they play in our lives sometimes the same signs that keep us from running straight into each other on the street can be an unexpected source of humor. All that’s needed is a creative person armed with a permanent marker, as seen here in these hilarious examples of 17 vandalized signs.

What a useless sign. By the time you see him it will be too late anyway.

I’m alarmingly amused.

Pie, the real killer.

All right stop, collaborate and listen…

Even X-Men have to use the restroom.

Coming to cinemas near you: The Devil Wears White Arrows.

Just don’t slip on the dip.

Now I think I’ll stand and just keep off the seats all together thanks.

Wouldn’t want someone stealing it now would you?

Eh…yeah I think I’ll run away scared instead.

When in doubt, breakdance!

That sounds like the greatest machine ever. Mmm bacon.

Put another baby on the barbie?

Seeing this edited sign and running from imaginary worms would end badly.

Out of 1 to 10, I give this sign 300.

Listen up, you jive turkey!

Don’t worry, it’s just having a nap.

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