Here Are The 26 Dumbest Things Drunk People Have Ever Done. The 14th One Is So Ridiculous.

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There’s nothing wrong with having a few drinks, or even getting completely hammered, but some people just can’t control themselves when they do. Instead of just blacking out and falling asleep cuddled up to their own dog, they end up doing stuff they will seriously… seriously regret. Like assaulting a cop with a burrito. (Yes. That really happened.)

1. This drunk tried to give his cop a taco in place of his ID.

2. This drunk tried to ship himself across the ocean.

3. This drunk tried to have sex with an ambulance.

4. This drunk fell asleep at a Burger King drive through window. For 2 hours.

5. This drunk ran into a burning building, attempting to save his beer.

6. This drunk ran his lawnmower into a school bus.

7. This drunk safari guide charged a wild elephant.

8. This drunk stole cakes from TV’s “Cake Boss.”

9. This drunk Australian man tried to ride a crocodile.

10. This drunk tried to take a kitten into a strip club. When he couldn’t, he repeatedly called 911.

11. This drunk man takes a shower in the wrong house.

12. This drunk impaled himself on a fence after trying to sneak into someone’s Christmas party.

13. This drunk dressed in clown makeup allegedly dangled a baby from an overpass.

14. This drunk fell asleep on a horse.

15. This drunk ate his own napkin at a Denny’s.

16. This drunk man in Louisiana rode a horse into a bar and lassoed his enemy, then dragged him out into the parking lot.

17. This drunk tried to resuscitate a dead possum. He was arrested for it.

18. This drunk assaulted a cop with a burrito.

19. This drunk was found nude in his neighbor’s dryer and was arrested.

20. This drunk was arrested after shooting guns and pooping his pants.

21. This drunk rode a bicycle while wielding a chainsaw. (Okay, we can’t even laugh about that one, that’s awesome.)

22. This drunk was arrested for driving… and having a zebra and parrot in his car (also awesome).

23. This drunk attacked cast members at Disney World and hit a female (princess) in the face with a PVC pipe.

24. This drunk was rescued from being stuck in a chimney.

25. This drunk broke into someone’s home, just to destroy their toilet.

26. This drunk rode a horse into a bank and passed out.

Say what you will about all of the other drunks, the guy who rode his horse into a bank just to pass out is pretty amazing. If you want to share these hilarious news stories, click on the “share” link below.

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