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My Faith In Humanity Was Instantly Restored After Hearing What This Boy Did For His Friend. Kids Can Be Amazing.

Quinn Callander and Brayden Grozdanich, two Canadian 7 year-olds, are best friends. Since kindergarten, they have been inseperable. Their friendship alone would be enough to be inspiring, but what happened between them recently may just bring you to tears. It’s THAT good. Brayden has cerebral palsy. Because of his condition, his right arm and leg don’t work correctly. He has been going through painful physiotherapy, but he doesn’t have to. There is an expensive surgery available that could help him walk. When his best friend heard about the surgery, he decided to do something about it. At just 7 years-old, Quinn decided to try to raise money for Brayden… And he did.

Quinn began raising money by starting a lemonade stand.

Both families thought it was good for the boys to work together.

They were excited to try to raise this money.

On July 6, they began selling lemonade outside of grocery store in Maple Ridge.

The community instantly supported the boys, moved by their goals.

Quinn’s mother, Heather Roney, knew that the lemonade stand wouldn’t be enough to help Brayden.

So she pitched in by building a crowd-funding campaign for the little boy.

In the end, Quinn and his family were able to raise over $55,000 for his best friend.

This is the kind of love and friendship that lasts a lifetime.

On Brayden’s YouCaring site, a letter from Quinn was posted for all to see: “Hi my name is Quinn, and this is my buddy Brayden. We are both 7 years old. We go to the same school and we are in Beaver Scouts together. Brayden has Cerebral Palsy, this makes it challenging for him to walk well because his muscles are very tight. Sometimes he can’t keep up with the rest of the other Beavers and he falls down a lot. Brayden get’s daily physio therapy to keep him walking. Sometimes it really hurts him. When I was at his physio, I tried to keep Brayden calm when he was in pain. My Mom told me Brayden is going to have a special surgery to help release the muscle tightness and spastic action. The surgery is not done here in Canada, only in the USA. Brayden and his Mom will be travelling there in August for the operation. Since the surgery is not done in Canada, Braydens Mom and Dad have to pay for it. The surgery will cost $20,000. Please help me raise money to help my friend Brayden, he is a really good guy. Thank you Love Quinn” If you’d like to help out Brayden yourself, visit his campaign’s website. Even if you can’t, share this article so that other people know the amazing thing that Quinn did for his friend. Faith in humanity = RESTORED.

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