One Company Is Selling The Most Offensive Toy Ever. Or It’s Bad Timing.

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While it seems like the Ebola pandemic is getting under control, the disease is still out there killing people. Now, if you’d like to get your fix of Ebola without actually having to catch the disease, you can buy your own Ebola plush toy.

Yes, that’s right. You can get a toy Ebola microbe to cuddle with at night. Heck, you could even let your dog play with it.

It actually looks pretty cuddly.

Giant Microbes, the company making the toy, says they’ve been selling out of their Ebola plushie consistently for the last few months.

In case you think the company is being opportunistic, Ebola isn’t the only toy they sell. Giant Microbes actually makes a whole line of plush microbes and human body toys. Check out a small sampling below.  

Bad Breath.

Fat Cell.

Red Blood Cell.

Skin Cell.

Stomach Ache.

Sore Throat.

Bone Cell.

Athlete’s Foot.


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Most people may be offended by the Ebola plushie, but Giant Microbes has been making these cuddly petri dish pets for years. (In fact, I may order one myself). It’s kind of weird to see a deadly disease reproduced in such a cute and cuddly form. 

Instead of just telling your children what germs live on every surface…now you can just show them!

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