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Let the future enter you! 84 beautifully hand-painted tarot cards for contemplation and self discovery.
Let the future enter you! 84 beautifully hand-painted tarot cards for contemplation and self discovery.

About this project

Thank you for stopping to look at our project!  We are Linnea Gits and Peter Dunham, the designers and artist’s behind the design studio, Uusi, and we are excited to introduce a very special project for our studio, our Pagan Otherworlds Tarot.

Ace of Pentacles. A beginning...
Ace of Pentacles. A beginning…

How inventive life is!  And how interconnected we all are in this constantly moving journey on this beautiful planet. Our early history here is to some extent shrouded in darkness, but we certainly came from the abundance and grace of nature, it is where our roots lie.

Nature is also our Fate Star – our future. We are deeply connected to it’s patterns and movements, nourishment and energy. To appreciate and respect it’s transitory, wild and life-giving powers is to better understand and appreciate our own.

And what have we learned from nature that is so powerful? Long ago, mankind uncovered it’s very simple but potent lesson that when things are arranged to connect with other things they cause temporary patterns which make things happen – in short we learned the power of connectivity which is how we learned to imagine the future.

Our inspiration for our tarot came from this everyday magic and wisdom of nature. Some of humanity’s most ancient symbols and narratives – like those found in the tarot – are bewitching representations of our natural world created and arranged to connect us to nature and each other more meaningfully.   And meaning combined with knowledge is humanity’s unique, superpower.

Though we do not subscribe to fortune telling we truly believe that a tarot deck can be an impressive, meditative tool for unlocking the truths within you –  your superpower! –  that allows you to understand and appreciate yourself as you are, not as how someone else wants you to be. Self-knowledge gives meaning and purpose to your life and to a future that naturally and gently connects you to this planet and to those who share it with you and will help you realize your dreams.

We hope you find value in this project and help us realize our dream to make the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot come to life!

**More images of “Pagan Otherworlds” Major Arcana cards will be revealed during the project.

**More images of the Pagan Otherworlds court will be revealed during the project.

We will be using the traditional tarot pip cards – Pentacles, Swords, Wands & Cups – for our tarot. The pips will be created along the style of the Marseille Tarot’s pips.

You Come and Go  Ah…the ever changing moon, we’ve grown so accustomed to it’s ancient face that we often forget to look up at it’s reassuring glow in the night sky. But the moon – Earth’s soulmate and eternal companion – has charmed and affected all life on this planet since the beginning of time. It’s quiet hold on us is foundational and for this reason we felt our tarot wouldn’t be complete without it.

We created 5 cards that represent the 8 pivotal phases in the lunar calendar: New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter & Waning Crescent.  Three of the cards have been uniquely designed to represent six of the phases depending on how the card is oriented.

The luna cards are exclusive to our Pagan Otherworld’s Tarot and we hope that the power of their simple, direct imagery deepens the meditative experience of your tarot readings.

Pagan Otherworlds Luna Cards
Pagan Otherworlds Luna Cards
Pagan Otherworlds Tarot Tuck Box / Front & Back
Pagan Otherworlds Tarot Tuck Box / Front & Back

Our Pagan Otherworlds Tarot has been created from hand-painted images based on one of our most popular playing card decks, Pagan. The paintings in this tarot are by artist and designer, Linnea Gits, who uses traditional oil paints to illuminate and enhance the beauty of the tarot’s symbols and narratives. Peter Dunham is the art director and calligraphist for the deck as well as the designer and maker for all the case good pieces offered on this project.

  • Large Format Cards / 75mm x 130mm.
  • 22 Major Arcana Cards.
  • 56 Minor Arcana Cards.
  • 5 Luna Cards.
  • 1 Uusi Ad Card.
  • Printed on “Robusto” card stock – specially developed to be one of the thickest, finest most luxurious stocks ever released.
  • Premium paper,embossed and gold foil design for the tuck box.
  • Manufactured by Expert Playing Card Company.

Pagan is easily one of the most popular poker decks in the Uusi playing card catalogue.  This deck flew out of our stuido. We stopped offering the Pagan deck to wholesalers 1 month after we received it and 1 year after it’s release we have only a handful of the original Pagan decks left at our studio. We we felt this was the perfect occassoion to offer one last Limted Edition of this design. The LE Blue Pagan deck on this project will share the same courts as the original deck, but if funded we will be creating a new joker to join the first. The deck will also be further distinguished by a unique tuck box design that is similar to our tarot tuck.

  • Fifty-two playing cards and two jokers all with original, eye-catching artwork that makes them ideal for magic and card games, yet at the same time very familiar and immediately recognizable by players and spectators alike.
  • Printed by The Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC)
  • Limited Edition of 5000.
  • Printed on Master Finish card stock with a linen finish.
  • Premium paper,embossed and gold foil design for the tuck box.
  • *The original Uusi Ad Cards will not be included in the Pagan poker deck.

You can view the original Pagan deck here.  

Uusi Case Goods.  All the case work offered on our projects have been designed and handcrafted at our studio by Peter Dunham from salvaged, landmark watertowers in Chicago . The reclaimed cypress and redwood staves from these towers used to create these Limited Edition items was originally milled from trees that were over 600+ years-old.  The intense grains and natural staining from this old-growth wood lend a sense of history and unique beauty to each box.  For our Pagan Otherworlds Tarot we have created a series of handcrafted case goods that are unique to this project and that we hope you enjoy!

Pagan Otherworlds Cypress Tarot Box Cypress is an ideal wood chosen by many tarot readers for their tarot boxes as they feel it has a natural karma perfect for divination or spiritual purposes. Imagine the incredible karma found in a box made from 600+ year-old cypress!  Handcrafted by Peter Dunham from old-growth, reclaimed cypress with a nature motif on the box top, hand painted using traditional oils by Linnea Gits making each box one-of-a-kind. Our tarot box will have 4 different hand painted nature motifs you can choose from if you back this reward:

  • Siberian Jay – Also known as the “huntsman’s friend.”  In Finnish mythology this bird was considered to hold the spirit of the hunter after he died.
  •  Swallow – Known as the “bird of freedom” for it’s inability to survive in captivity and that it will only mate in the wild – a true pagan!
  • Owl – With it’s exceptional silence this slow flying bird of prey is the king of the night sky.
  • Falcon – One of the fastest moving creatures on Earth with incredible powers of vision this raptor is a skillful and unparalleled hunter.
Redwood Deck/Card Stand
Redwood Deck/Card Stand

Redwood Deck/Card Stand Made from reclaimed old-growth redwood our classic stands are the perfect way to display your deck or meditational card-of-the-day. Please note: This reward is available only as an add on. See “Add On” chart below for pricing.

Redwood Deck/Card Stand on Redwood Platform
Redwood Deck/Card Stand on Redwood Platform

Pagan Altar Reward  Made from reclaimed, old-growth redwood, this altar is a peaceful, elegant platform/altar to display your meditative objects. Platform dimensions: 19″ x 7.25″ x 3.25″  This reward comes with (2) Redwood decks stands, (1) Pagan Otherworlds Tarot and (1) Sage Smudge.

24KT Gilded Pagan Otherworlds Tarot and Poker Decks.  Uusi was the first to offer and to date, the only contemporary design studio to produce hand-gilded decks. We use 24KT gold leaf that is applied with a 400+ year-old, traditional hand-gilding technique and a proprietary process to prepare the decks for gilding. Each gilded deck is a rare and unique work of art that requires days of skilled labor to complete. As beautiful as they are playable, and made with an exceptionally high attention to detail and quality, our Limited Edition gilded decks are one of the most sought-after decks in the contemporary market.

Pagan Valhalla Box – Image to be revealed during project.

Images hidden on uncut by card backs will be revealed.
Images hidden on uncut by card backs will be revealed.

Pagan Otherworlds Uncuts Because we are using an oversized format for our tarot cards – 75mm x 130mm – three press sheets will be needed to print this deck.  The uncut sheets are not posters, but actual printed sheets of cards taken off the press before they are punched out and inserted in the tuckbox.  These sheets are available in limited quantity and are a rare, collector item and provenance of the deck’s publication. All uncuts are signed and numbered by the artist.

Should we be so lucky…We would be thrilled to first get funded, but if the opportunity to be overfunded arises here is what we would love to add to this project:

REACHED!  40K Pagan Otherworld’s Tarot & Poker Deck Seal  Seals are a beautiful way to complete and establish a deck’s provenance and we would love to have the opportunity to include one on these decks.


65K Gold Foil Printing On Luna Cards How cool would that be?! Your moon cards would literally glow.

With every deck we produce we try to push our artistic and production boundaries just a little further. We are constantly striving to innovate and update the work we make to surprise and delight you with a product you will want to hold on to and enjoy for years to come.

We carefully search out the best manufacturers for our products and work with them to push their own capabilities to make the best work they can. We want a partner who shares the same standards and passion for what they create as we do.

The Pagan Otherworlds tarot will be comprised of 84 unique, hand-painted images and can only happen with your help and participation. We hope you find value and delight in this deck and that you choose to back our project and help us make this tarot something truly special!

*All images of the deck and tuck boxes you see in these photos are prototypes made at Uusi’s studio. The finished product may vary slightly from what you see here – backers will be kept up-to-date of any minor changes that may occur. The overall design and theme will remain UNCHANGED throughout the funding and printing process.

Risks and challenges

Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits have been designing products for the market for over ten years. As designers and as consumers, we understand the need for delivering a high-quality product, represented as accurately as possible and shipped on time. We have had eight successful and completed projects on Kickstarter with over 8000 backers total. We have completed seven of our projects on time and shipped to all our backers in the US and around the world within our promised delivery date with a 98% customer satisfaction rate. Our eighth project, “BRuT”, was successfully funded in May of 2015 and is on schedule to be completed within our estimated goal date. We are committed to delivering a great product on time that you enjoy. Your happiness is our business!

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