These 32 Graphs About Everyday Things Are So Hilariously True. #7 Drives Me INSANE.

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There are certain hard truths in life that we need to face… but Truth Facts isn’t a website that’s interested in those. Instead, they focus on some of the most hilarious and mundane of the things we face every day. Then, they make an awesome graph about it. The best part, though? They’re all SO TRUE. These hilarious graphs just “get me.” I think you’ll agree.

1.) The woes of using toothpaste.

2.) For all of you cat lovers…

3.) TRUTH.

4.) Banks know they’re doing it, too.

5.) Don’t talk smack about my iPhone.

6.) It’s unavoidable.


8.) Talk about a mixed message.

9.) And your reaction? “NOOOOO!”

10.) 90% of those times being when you try to cook filets.

11.) I’m… loving.. it?

12.) Never say this.

13.) Oh, the cruel invite list…

14.) That’s a tough one. Sleep… or internet?

15.) So, that’s why I’ll never ride in a helicopter.

16.) Ow, my ears.

17.) A sad, sad truth.

18.) Don’t you dare forget to pick up something at the beginning.

19.) Once you get to “Athletic,” you’re basically too far gone.

20.) What side of the road do I drive on?

21.) LOL.

22.) Which is why I never feed guests chicken.

23.) Sorry, parking attendants.

24.) Drats.

25.) Hey, there’s no shame in it.

26.) Playing the banana game is tough.

27.) They hit that nail on the head.

28.) πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

29.) Of course.

30.) Gluten is every evil.

31.) I can’t even.

32.) If only…

Source: Truth Facts Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler from Kind of Normal are responsible for every single one of these funny truth graphs. They know how to speak to us and our various mundane, everyday woes. Share these hilarious facts with others by clicking on the button below.

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