These 9 Theories About The Pyramids Will Have You Scratching Your Head.

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For thousands of years, there was much debate over how the pyramids were made and what purposes they served. Some make more sense than others, but that’s not really saying a whole lot. I guess if you have millennia to come up with theories, you’re going to get some pretty “out there” ones…and, boy, are these out there.

They’re not all about aliens, just in case you were worried about that old theory being trotted out again. Many of these break new ground in strange explanations for something with a pretty good explanation in place. Check them out.

1.) Medieval Europeans believed the pyramids were built to store grain because of the mentions of granaries in the Old Testament.

2.) In 1845, M. Fialin de Persigngy offered up a theory that the pyramids were built to act as barriers to protect Egypt and Nubia from the wind and sand.

3.) Ignatius Loyola Donnelly, a former Congressman from Minnesota, wrote in 1882 that residents of the fictional city of Atlantis built the pyramids during a period of colonization.

4.) A Swedish philosopher from the 1800s theorized that the pyramids were actually filtering reservoirs for the murky Nile River.

5.) In 2014, Egyptian researcher Amir Gamal told Elaph newspaper that he believes Israel is plotting to steal the pyramids.

6.) Author of The Orion Mystery Robert Bauval claims the pyramids are aligned with the Orion constellation.

7.) A leader of the early Jehovah’s Witness movement, Joseph T. “Judge” Rutherford, wrote in 1928 that the pyramids were built by Satan.

8.) An 1884 scientific conference held in the city of Philadelphia featured a paper that theorized the pyramids were actually hills that were cut into pyramids.

9.) Charles Piazzi Smyth, the Astronomer Royal for Scotland, published a book in 1864 that the Great Pyramid would foretell the end of the world, which he predicted to take place in 1881.

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You know something’s weird when the theories involving extra terrestrial creatures seem the most likely.

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