These Bomb Craters Leftover From World War II Are Hauntingly Beautiful.

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Even though World War II ended almost 70 years ago, the physical toll of the conflict is still evident in many countries. In Germany especially, there is an abundance of craters from the extensive Allied bombing campaign that took place during the latter years of the war. German photographer Henning Rogge calls these bomb craters, scars on the landscape. His latest photo series documents some of the numerous craters in Germany’s forests. Many of them could easily be mistaken for small ponds. He manages to find beauty in something meant to be so destructive.

Because of the sheer number of Allied bombs dropped on Germany, many unexploded WWII era bombs remain buried in the landscape. When they are discovered, most of the time they are diffused successfully or exploded in place without injury. Like this one in the city of Leipzig.

Sadly though, every year one or two of these bombs explodes by accident, sometimes resulting in fatalities. Since 2000, 11 people have been killed by WWII bombs, like this incident in the city of Euskirchen.

This accidental explosion happened at a construction site.

The worker using the excavator died in the explosion.

Responding emergency vehicles.

Damage to a nearby house.

Looks like the explosion nearly collapsed that shop.

Destroyed windows in the area.

Of course Germany isn’t the only country with scars from World War II.


The Netherlands


United Kingdom

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