These Letters From Kids Are Adorable, But Oh SO Brutal. Kids Nowadays.

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Children can be delightfully honest at times. We adults have to worry about the pesky feelings of our friends, loved ones and co-workers. Kids, though, have it easy. They know that they are loved unconditionally just because they are tiny, cute and (let’s be honest) adorably dumb.

But man, that youthful honesty can be brutal. Here are some of the most honest letters and notes from kids that shoot straight from the hip.

1.) “Straight To The Butt Of Love”

2.) Maybe get a hobby, Mom.

3.) A man after my own heart.

4.) Annisa would make a good mob enforcer.

5.) These kids cut to the core of why the “get well soon” card is so grim..

6.) To be fair, she really loves COW.

7.) Take that, hypothetical, different Mom!

8.) Good morning from your daughter, the next Bond villain. Written whilst stroking a white by a dim fireplace.

9.) Liam, letter-writer, truth-teller.

10.) It’s nice when a kid has perspective.

11.) That crossed out ‘Love’ slays me.

12.) It’s cool, he means cook! He means cook guys! The image doesn’t help though.

13.) A very emotionally mature child.

14.) If the note didn’t make it clear, he included a diagram to really hit his point home.

15.) I like to think she thought this was toast. If it was toast it WOULD be ‘horable’ toast.

16.) “Aww that’s swee…uh thanks?”

17.) Super soaker sucker.

18.) We’ve all been there, Joyce.

19.) This one sounds like it could also be the title of Taylor Swift’s latest single.

20.) Brendan knows not to bite the hand the feeds him.

21.) This kid’s strategy was to mask the candor with enthusiasm.

22.) Probably the saddest picture ever colored in with a pink crayon.

23.) Rebekkah has been hitting the black metal pretty hard.

24.) A powerful image. Are those spots supposed to be Valerie’s blood?

25.) Justice.

One time I worked at a summer camp and I had a kid tell me that my mouth looks weak. “You have a weak looking mouth,” he said, then walked away, leaving me to crumble into yet another insecurity I had yet to find on my own. Thanks, Mitchell.

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