Vomiting – A Good Thing ? Or cause for concern

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VomitingVomiting may be one of most disgusting experiences you can have, but the physical processes behind it are actually beautifully choreographed.

Even seeing another person vomit can make an otherwise well bystander start vomiting.

So why would a medical doctor work with biological scientists and engineers in North Carolina to build a vomiting machine – in fact, a projectile vomiting machine? They wanted to understand how Noroviruses spread through the air.

Vomiting is an involuntary and forceful expulsion of whatever happens to be in your stomach out through your mouth – and sometimes your nose.

There seems to be a vomiting centre in your brain known as the Area Postrema. Various nerves connect to it, such as Cranial Nerve VIII (which deals with balance) and Cranial Nerve X (which among things, deals with your gut). The vomiting centre also has receptors for chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin, opiates and so on.

Believe it or not, vomiting is a beautifully choreographed act. READ MORE

Winter Vomiting Disease Outbreaks On The Rise In California

By Abbott Dutton

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A disease commonly associated with cruise ships is spreading on land at an alarming rate.

The Norovirus has a new name—winter vomiting disease—but Dr. Gil Chavez with the California Department of Public Health says it carries some nasty symptoms.

“You get vomiting, you get diarrhea, you get abdominal cramps,” he said.

There have been 32 confirmed outbreaks statewide since October, including one in San Joaquin County, though none in the Sacramento Valley region.

“We know it’s frequently common in the winter months and there’s different strains of the virus sometimes that are more aggressive in one year than the next so,” he said.

Spreading the highly contagious disease doesn’t take much—touching doorknobs, menus in restaurants, or utensils in food bars.

The good news is it’s easily preventable by washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Unlike the flu, there’s no vaccine, and no medicine to fight it. You simply have to wait it out.

“People think if you’ve had the flu shot that that’ll prevent Norovirus infection and that is incorrect,” he said.


What causes green vomit?

My 5-year-old boy started feeling sick after dinner tonight, and was vomiting by bedtime. Normally I’d just brush this off as a virus or a stomach bug, but the vomit is GREEN. And we didn’t eat anything that color. Should I take him to a doctor?


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