What They Did After Their Pet Died Is Strangely Sweet. You Won’t See This In Most Places.

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For many people, pets are considered part of the family. They are more than just animals or companions. That’s why there are places that cater to pets in ways you might not expect. There are pet spas, hotels, day care centers and even funeral parlors. In 2009, this family visited a Buddhist funeral parlor in Tokyo when their beloved cat passed away. They wanted to have a proper ceremony for their cat. As it turns out, these funeral homes perform services for pets that are very similar to what they would do for a human.

The funeral home for pets.

Its public funeral parlor is on the ground floor.

Their service was was carried out privately inside this cremation room.

Altar in front of the cremation chamber.

After long chanting and prayers by the monk, they were asked to light the incense.

The monk placed their cat on the cremation bed and recited a lot more prayers.

During the cremation, they waited in a room that was a communal shrine for pets.

Then, the family selected the case for the urn.

The cat’s remains after cremation.

Carefully, the monk separated the bones from the ashes.

Skull, toes, and tail bones.

The, they transferred the rest of the bones on the cremation bed into the urn using chopsticks.

While the family picked up the other bones, the monk painstakingly rearranged the tail bones into a tail.

He picked up the really small bits of bone fragments that were left in the ashes.

Then, he began transferring the bones into the urn.

He made sure to leave enough room for the skull and tail.

When he finished, the family was asked to put the tail bones in the urn by hand.

Then he swept the fine powdery bits into the urn with chopsticks and a brush.

He sealed the urn with tapes and tied the cover and placed it in a carry bag.

This is the cat’s final resting place, a small shrine at home.

He will be missed.

Source: Reddit It would be hard to see your pet be a shadow of their former selves, but this process can help many pet owners grieve properly once their animals have passed on. Would you be able to go through something like this for a pet you loved? Share the touching tribute.

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