Why The Craze Over Pokémon Go?

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In 2014, Google released an April Fools joke called Pokémon Challenge, which featured a version of Google Maps where you search for Pokémon and capture. Today, the smartphone — with sales going through the roof — becomes the de facto portable gaming device of choice. It’s the perfect environment for Pokémon Trainers and Pokémon to thrive. And thus Pokémon GO was born, out of a joke.

Pokémon GO essentially goes where no game has tread before, into the territory of apps like FourSquare. It brings gaming into the physical world. The premise is simple. You walk around the city and capture hidden Pokémon using a Poké Ball. Once added to your collection, the little creatures take part in arenas to train and fight each other.

Pokemon Ball Power Team Snapback Cap Hat with Bracelet

Pokémon GO actually makes you get up off your derriere and lets you go explore your city. The interface is like an overhead map, where you walk about and find potential Pokémon to capture. When you find one, just tap on it and the map opens your camera into an Augmented Reality view. Here you see your Pokémon out and about in the real world. If you’ve seen pesky kids poking their noses in your window or ambling around near your yard or in the street staring at their phone, you now know what they are up to.

Pokémon GO is one of the best fitness apps . Casually you can just walk around to spots near you. However, the game has a certain daring element to it. Pokémon have been known to surface in the weirdest of places: they show up in toilets, terraces, cinemas, slum areas and even on the boss’s head.

There is a danger to it too, as the quest for Pokémon has you staring at your mobile screen; which could lead you anywhere. Usually, it’s at the discomfort of other people as those shameless Pokémon could appear anywhere. Not to mention, if you don’t watch where you walk, you could end up in a pretty rough part of town. As long as you’re careful, there’s a lot of fun to be had.

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