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Yahoo Mail isn’t just insecure, it’s also hard to leave


Yahoo has been receiving plenty of bad press lately: Last month, it was revealed that a massive breach saw 500 million users’ data being affected; last week, the company was found to be scanning users’ emails and handing that information over to US intelligence agencies.

It’s only natural then, that people will want to switch to other service providers. And that’s a lot of people: Yahoo is still the 6th most visited sited in the world, after Google, YouTube, Facebook, Baidu and Wikipedia.

The trouble is, moving away from Yahoo Mail is unnecessarily harder than it has to be. According to the Associated Press, the service disabled a feature to forward all your incoming messages to a different address.

That means that you’ll still have to open your Yahoo inbox every time you want to check if people are still writing to your old address. It’s possible that this could pose enough inconvenience to make some people consider sticking with the service.

The only way Automatic forwarding works is if you’d set it up prior to the feature being disabled recently. Yahoo noted on its help site that it’s ‘currently under development,’ which is rather absurd given that it’s a basic feature offered by just about every email service under the sun, and that it works just fine for some Yahoo users.

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