Your Weird Google Searches Have Finally Been Turned Into Hilarious GIFs.

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Ah, Google — the ultimate resource for learning anything about literally anything. Not sure how to boil an egg? Google it. You won’t even have to type out the whole question. If it’s a common enough conundrum, the all-knowing site can solve your problem before you finish asking. That, or you could get a glimpse into the truly weird things the internet must have been collectively plagued by at some point. Lucky for us, the weirdest of those requests has been translated into hilarious GIFs by the folks over at Mashable. OMG I can’t stop giggling at #4.

1. Growing a beard can be tricky.

2. They really could be twins.

3. This is definitely a dream I’ve had before.

4. Sorry, Rex.

5. They might like each other, but just a little.

6. This is just silly (because of course they do).

7. Keep this in mind the next time you visit Macy’s at Christmastime.

8. I refuse to believe this.

9. He’s on his own level.

10. These poor kitties.

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